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       On July 18, the Party committee of Xifeng County Public Security Bureau transferred four capable policemen and four auxiliary police from various police types to the anti drug brigade, and established the anti drug junior college class of Xifeng County Public Security Bureau. According to the province's three-year anti drug campaign and the work requirements of Xifeng County in the basic year of drug control, this team fully undertakes the tasks of local drug control, and coordinates the target assessment, supervision and inspection, so as to achieve 100% real control of the existing drug addicts in the jurisdiction, and form a "special class"; There is a refined anti drug system with special personnel. There is a man named Wu who is addicted to playing mahjong, but he always loses more and wins less. It's not the bad luck of the cards, not to mention the bad skills, but to be unable to hold one's breath. He is excited when he has a good card. He often divulges secrets due to excitement and is "buckled" by others, which makes it difficult for him to "and" the card. This night, agreed to play 16 laps, Wu brother just eight laps did not open, anxious to sweat, blood pressure soared. In this circle, he began to grasp a thousand years of rare good cards: East, South, West, north wind in pairs, Hongzhong, Facai each. Just after two cards, he touched two white boards. This is the four wind plus three yuan will clear seven pairs of shelves, "double double slam" ah, sure enough, caught two rounds, the red also paired! Sanitary environment is the "face" of a city, a direct reflection of the civilization level of a city, and is more related to the production and life of the people. According to the evaluation standard of Chuangwen, Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone started from the most difficult part of the "bone" and focused on the market and its surrounding areas, environment, and non motor vehicles parking and leaving randomly. From July 15 to August 4, the traffic management branch of Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone reported 8186 cases of illegal parking, 513 vehicles towed and more than 80 sets of "zombie vehicles". Since its establishment, Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Construction Management Bureau has actively organized market-oriented service companies to carry out rectification of major and secondary trunk roads, back streets, alleys and other areas under its jurisdiction, investigated the accumulated domestic waste and construction waste, and carried out centralized treatment, so as to ensure that the standards of no littering, no sanitary life and death angle, and no accumulated garbage are met Jiaxiu South Road and other roads carried out the bare treatment work, pruned 78000 square meters, cleaned up more than 20 vehicles of weeds and dead branches in the green belt, and replanted more than 130 roadside trees and 36 shrubs such as Cinnamomum camphora and Osmanthus fragrans on Zhujiang Road, Changjiang Road, Zhuxian road and zhongcao road According to the relevant work arrangement of comprehensive treatment of back streets and alleys in Guiyang City, Guiyang Economic Development Zone Construction Management Bureau, in combination with the public welfare project for people's livelihood implemented in 2020, has arranged a special construction fund of 30 million yuan to carry out engineering treatment work on 30 back streets and alleys in the whole district. The main task is to change the white pavement to black road and comprehensively upgrade the sidewalk tiles, with an area of about 88030 square meters. At the same time, we should clear the blocked sewage pipes, set up standard stalls, standardize the lines and beautify the walls; in view of some merchants in the western industry and rural trade market, their stalls and counter items are not placed in order, and the garbage in the market is not cleared and transported in time. The Quality Supervision Bureau of Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone requires the organizer of the agricultural market to take immediate action, set up a fair scale strictly, improve and improve the management of measuring instruments and the responsibilities of management personnel. In view of the fact that some farmers' markets have not set fair scales or fair scales are damaged, and some merchants' electronic scales have not been verified and used, law enforcement personnel have ordered the farmers' markets to make prompt rectification. All the problems have been fixed in person, at fixed time and with fixed responsibilities. They are required to rectify within a time limit and cancel their numbers one by one.

      In order to realize the "green, beautiful, bright and clean" of the residential area, residents and volunteers in the residential area become "beauticians" to carry out the centralized sanitation improvement. Focus on the old community buildings without property management and owners committee yard, unit corridor, blind area of garbage and sundries piled disorderly, advertising, spraying advertising, back street alley weeds, debris cleaning and remediation. In the activity, we did not fear the scorching sun. We used cleaning tools to clean the dead corner of the corridor, the soil in the back street and the construction sewage, cleaned up the garbage and weeds in the alley, standardized the communication route, and removed the obstacles of the fire fighting access. The waste water pool of jinjuyuan community, the sundries in jinjiahui Jingcheng house, and the disorderly planting of flowers and vegetables in dongxinyuan community were cleaned up. Up to now, 78 residential areas have been cleaned up. More than 40 vehicles have been cleared of garbage and weeds, and more than 600 small advertisements and spray advertisements have been piled up and placed randomly in more than 200 places.   Over the years, Xinhua dictionary has been published again and again, helping many people to enter the door of knowledge. It is the first dictionary with vernacular interpretation and examples in New China. It is also the most influential and authoritative small Chinese dictionary so far. Some readers mentioned that when they went to school, learning to look up the dictionary was one of the compulsory teaching contents in Chinese class. In the class, almost everyone has a copy of Xinhua dictionary. Students who pay attention to it will also pack the "book cover" for protection. With the advent of the Internet, the influence of Xinhua dictionary has gradually expanded to online. The latest version of Xinhua dictionary is the first time to realize the synchronous distribution of app and paper books.   

      By this time winter was approaching, and seal hunting season was over, and Weddell decided to sail back. Although they did not even hunt a seal, they were bound to get no pay. However, in order not to disappoint the sailors, Weddell held a small ceremony, in which the British flag was hoisted on two ships, and the crew were ordered to sail 380 kilometers closer to the south pole than cork, and then fired a salute to celebrate their record. In fact, seafarers and explorers knew the existence of magnetic north and South Pole long ago. They often use a rope to tie a small piece of magnetite, which can point north and South after turning. In case of a storm, they can not see the stars, so they can easily use this small piece of iron to determine the direction of navigation. At present, the street has set up a "smart micro food market" in bishuiyuntian, liyangtianxia, jincuiwan, Bihai Honghu and other residential areas. Next, the street will add "smart micro food farm" in tieyidu and China Resources international community; In order to create a 15 minute off-line intelligent life service circle, the residents can intelligently purchase fruits and vegetables agricultural products in the community, and effectively improve the residents' sense of gain, happiness and security. In 1953, after Ye Shengtao's word for word approval, Xinhua dictionary was published by people's education press. In 1957, Xinhua dictionary was published by the commercial press. Since then, it has been published by the commercial press. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, there was an urgent need for a small practical dictionary. Xinhua dictionary is just in line with this requirement. It uses vernacular to explain and give examples in vernacular. It is easy to understand and has made great contributions to the work of "literacy". In articles published by the media in the past years, it has been mentioned that in the 1970s, the editor of Xinhua Dictionary received a letter from a reader, saying that because he did not know how to distinguish between the male and female geese, he specially looked up the entry in Xinhua dictionary before killing geese.   

          In order to join the U.S. seal fleet, Pama had to give up landing. However, on the way back to South cydland, the hero under Pama's command was shrouded in thick fog and had to anchor to avoid hitting the iceberg. Pama stood on the lookout tower and sounded the whistle. He thought it was the echo. However, 30 minutes later, when he sounded the second whistle, he got the same echo. At the end of January, the two Vostok and Minnie, sailing eastward, discovered a new land, and named the area Alexander I. It is appropriate to call it "Earth" here, because it is indeed part of the vast land covered with ice. She and I met in KTV when our friends had a birthday party. I was attracted to her when we met for the first time. Although she was only 160 in stature, it looked lovely and beautiful, and the singing voice was sweet. Especially listening to her song "Moonlight in the lotus pond" was perfect, I had to say that I was moved. She works in a cell phone business hall. As for me, my job is to dredge the sewers for people. The working hours are not fixed. As long as someone calls for help, I will provide door-to-door service. Although it is very dirty, my income is high. Even so, as long as every time I go out shopping with her, I will wear clean, do not give her face. Whether she is on the morning shift, the middle shift or the evening shift, I will pick her up to and from work. After more than a month of courtship, we confirmed our love relationship and lived together. For the convenience of her work, I rented a house nearby for her.

        There is a rich man living in a small town. One day, he brought back two fresh big mangoes and gave them to his servant: "ram, you cut these two mangoes and make two cups of coffee. A friend of mine will come soon." Lam had an idea and called out, "master, this knife is too blunt to cut mango." The master said, "bring me the knife and I'll sharpen it." So ram took out a big, blunt knife from the kitchen and gave it to the master. Just as the master was sharpening his knife, RAM slipped out of the house. Seeing the master's friend coming this way, he quickly welcomed him up: "Sir, did you quarrel with my master? He said that he wanted to cut off your two ears." If the rabbit in the story is treated by doctor Ma as soon as possible, its beautiful tail will be preserved. Delayed the best time for treatment, the abscess of rabbit's tail became more and more serious, and a large part of it had been rotten off, which could only be cut off by surgery. As a result, the little white rabbit had only a little short tail. This story tells us: if you have a disease, you should treat it as soon as possible. You can't delay time, otherwise you will suffer from it. 

          On that day, Ying Shaowu did not say hello to the prince, and led a group of people to the sunset villa 200 miles away, ready to wash the villa with blood. At the moment, a war horse ran out of the gate of the villa. There was an old man with white beard and green shirt sitting on his horse. He only heard the old man cry out: "Ying Shaowu, stop now. Who am I?" Ying Shaowu drew his sword and saw that this man was his father Ying Rui. At this time, a burst of horse bells ring, a white horse ran over, the rider is the prince's deputy general. It turns out that in order to get rid of the traitor Ni Chengzong, Ximen Diao was ordered to turn to the traitor, but to test Ximen Diao's sincerity, he was ordered to poison Ying Rui. Ximen Diao catches a flying bandit who looks like Ying Rui and becomes Ying Rui's substitute. Ying Rui is secretly protected by Ximen carving at sunset villa. In order to make the traitor believe in himself more, Ximen Diao asked Lin Wanshi to seduce Ying Shaowu and kill Ni Chengzong with the method of mixing the poisonous wine of Borneo flower by taking advantage of the opportunity of being imprisoned in Beijing.  

       "Yes, I didn't think it would be a blessing in disguise. At that time, we thought it was the fulfillment of the prayer. We all thank the God cave one after another, but we didn't expect Then something happened. " Zhao Laohan sighed, "the tourists who came to see the moon disappeared in one night. Then, the color of the moon returned to normal, because the 10 missing people were all women. People in the town said that it must be the witch moon who sucked their yin and took the people away. " "Well, but because of what happened in the town, even without the witch moon, many female tourists would not dare to come." He glanced at my face and whispered, "you have to be careful." The face was covered with ugly scars. At first glance, she looked terrible. She looked back at me and quickly bent down and said, "it has been cleaned up. I will go out immediately."    Yeh Meili's house seemed to be completely buried in the mud, with only one window peeping at the world; the roof of the small house was broken, and only some collapsed bricks were left in the chimney. The fences, the gates, the side houses, all of which were not found in yemeili's little house. It was only at the bottom of the unpaved log steps that lesque barked at night - the best hound in the village of tiqiki. Every two or three days before hunting, ye Meili always tortured the unfortunate hound with hunger because he wanted to make it better to find prey and chase wild animals. As early as in the spring when the snow melts, the little grandson gets cold, but it's always better. His small dark face was pale and thin, his eyes enlarged and his nose pointed. Ye Meili saw that his grandson was not only losing weight day by day, but also hour by hour; but he didn't know how to save the unfortunate thing. Yeh Meili gave him herbal medicine and took him to take two baths. The patient was not very well. The child eats almost nothing but black foreskin. Spring left some pickled goat meat, but grisuk didn't even want to see it.

      In a big forest, a bee and an ant are good friends. One day, ants and bees met, and they went for a walk together. The ant suddenly saw the big belly of the bee and asked, "sister bee, why do you have such a big belly! &The bee said happily, "I'm going to be a mother soon."! My stomach is my own lovely three babies! Can you pick me up then? &That's what happened. &"Of course," said the ant! &On that day, the ant was having a beautiful nap at home. When he heard a knock at the door, he opened the door. It was Mr. rabbit, the postman. He said, "please keep your letter. &After that, he disappeared.    Wu Maoxi is a heroine image in Miao min's mind. There are many versions of her story. There is a Miao song dedicated to singing Wu Mao Xi: "Long Tang Wu Mao Xi, riding a horse with a skirt. The skirt weighs 9.5 Jin. The bullet can't be penetrated. It jumps nine hurdles, carries children, walks like flying, and kills enemies like cutting vegetables & hellip; & hellip;. This piece of embroidered pattern expresses the scene of Wu Maoxi going to the battlefield with a knife. In the heart of a Chao, a native of Pingba, Anshun, Miao culture is like a deep and beautiful mountain. The cultural charm and folk customs hidden in the deep mountain are always explored. A Chao, born in 1981, was originally a teacher, but a trip changed his career direction. As a member of the Miao nationality, he entered the "mountain" of Miao culture and started his exploration journey. In a big forest, a bee and an ant are good friends. One day, ants and bees met, and they went for a walk together. The ant suddenly saw the big belly of the bee and asked, "sister bee, why do you have such a big belly! &The bee said happily, "I'm going to be a mother soon."! My stomach is my own lovely three babies! Can you pick me up then? &That's what happened. &"Of course," said the ant! &On that day, the ant was having a beautiful nap at home. When he heard a knock at the door, he opened the door. It was Mr. rabbit, the postman. He said, "please keep your letter. &After that, he disappeared.


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