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        & other; At the beginning of the construction of the base, I worked here, planting seedlings, managing and picking. Basically, I had something to do every day. Several mu of land in my family was also transferred out, and the money I earned was more or less able to subsidize my family and reduce the burden on my children. Throughout the &; Poor luo Guoshu face with a happy smile. It is reported that the base covers an area of 1000 mu. Up to now, more than 40 local farmers have been employed nearby, and the farmers' income is more than 100,000 yuan. Among them, 16 people from 5 poor households have a migrant income of more than 70,000 yuan. In recent years, the township adopted & LDquo; Branch + company + farmers; , & other Branch + association + farmers; , & other Branch + company + association + farmers; Model, actively guide farmers to develop characteristic industries. Up to now, the whole township has planted a total of 20,000 mu of oil tea, 4500 mu of green tea, 8700 mu of bee sugar plum, 1,000 mu of Chinese herbal medicine, 66 mu of Folate root, covering 105 poor households 349 people, realizing the full coverage of the industry. The Wudang District will be completed by the end of this year. One hundred gardens and one hundred products; , make when the characteristic brand, there are mainly represented by cherry, kiwi fruit, such as Yang mei fine orchards 50, represented by the tea tree mushroom, morchella, etc of vegetable garden 30, represented by iron caulis dendrobii, bletilla plantation 10 Chinese medicine, in the ecological cycle of fish, represented by the black feather chicken breeding special breeding garden 10, more than 100 new high quality agricultural products, helping out of poverty, and further build the agriculture business consumption environment for the development of fusion. & other; Next, we will combine & Lsquo; Rsquo; With the maturity time of agricultural products as the principal axis, the product is launched in different periods & LSQUo; Visit hundreds of gardens, enjoy ecology, learn culture, drink tea, taste fresh fruit, practice agriculture, nourish body and mind. With guaibi Tiangui Tea Garden as the core, guaibi Tiangui tea Garden integrates tourism elements such as sunflower Festival, chicken and egg picking, tea picking, and farm meals, defines tourism routes, and carries out exhibitions and sales activities of agricultural products to promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture, business and tourism. Throughout the &; Yuan Huibin, the mayor of Baiyi town. & other; Base take & Lsquo; Company + village collective + Farmer & Rsquo; In the model, the peasant household becomes a shareholder with land. In the first year, the transfer fee is calculated at 500 yuan per mu, and then it increases by 50 yuan per mu every year, and the ceiling is capped at 800 yuan. After the base produces the benefit, the company carries on the guarantee bottom dividend to the masses according to the minimum standard of 500 yuan per mu per year. According to this standard business accounting, the masses have at least 1000 yuan of annual income per mu of land. Throughout the &; Since May, tomatoes, loofah, peppers, green cucumber and other vegetables have been on the market in large Numbers, said Gao Changgui, an official in charge of the Park in Xifeng, guiyang's 25,000-mu high-standard vegetable supply base.

      Lebanon's diverse sects and armed forces have long divided and corrupted the government. The civil war continued for another 15 years until 1990. The war has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries, its economic losses are incalculable, and hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. There was another big explosion in Beirut in 2005 that shocked the world. The assailants carried out car bombs on the streets, detonating massive amounts of explosives. Hariri and dozens of others were killed. Hariri's tenure of economic stability and relations with the Saudi and French royal families has left Lebanon with a governing legacy that has left its people devastated. More than 200,000 people took to the streets on funeral day to bid farewell.   The national Poverty Alleviation Vocational Skills Competition kicked off in Datong, Shanxi, Thursday. This is the first vocational skill competition in China to be held with the theme of poverty alleviation exclusively for registered workers from poor families. It is co-hosted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Office of the State Council Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development. There are 8 competitions in this competition, including electrician, fitter, rebar worker, masonry worker, housekeeping attendant, restaurant waiter, Western-style pastry chef and e-commerce teacher. 341 contestants from impoverished families all over the country will start skill competition in 2 days, and finally decide the gold, silver and bronze MEDALS. Those who win the gold medal and work for the unit will be awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. National expert in technology. The title. Xinhua Net hair (Wang Chao)& NBSP; Fourth, we will steadily expand the size of the middle-income group and strengthen the support of the domestic market. The middle-income group is an important support for the formation of a strong domestic market. To expand the scale of the middle-income group as the main fulcrum, emphatically through job security, optimization of the income distribution policy, to promote the healthy development of capital market, expanding the coverage of social security system, open channels to moderate income group is low-income groups, to improve the residents' income, promote urban and rural residents' consumption ability.  

      Meeting requirements, to tree firm. The enterprise is on the top. , & other Project is king. Concept, focusing on the county phosphorus system new materials, new aluminum-based materials, power batteries, selenium rich ecological food & LDquo; Four industrial chains. To highlight industrial chain investment, focus on the introduction of supporting enterprises, targeted to break through the blocking points, strengthen the weak links, and constantly improve the supporting capacity and overall competitiveness of the industry; We should do everything possible to strengthen the guarantee of factors of production, break land bottlenecks, accelerate the improvement of the supporting capacity of industrial parks, strengthen the guarantee of land and housing for projects in accordance with the law, help enterprises reduce the cost of factors of production, and create good production conditions for enterprises and investors. We should closely link land and output value, profits and taxes, industries and employment, establish and improve management processes, encourage the concentration of production factors and policy dividends among key projects and enterprises, encourage project construction and enterprise innovation, and comprehensively improve resource utilization rate and total factor productivity. To adhere to the consistent, heart with love service enterprises, to quality service & LDquo; Word of mouth & throughout; In exchange for enterprise development & LDQuo; Energy & throughout; , truly escorts the development and growth of enterprises. To study and implement the spirit of general Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the entrepreneurs' Forum. Sun Zhigang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, attended the meeting and made a speech, stressing that we should fully understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, strengthen confidence in winning, seize precious opportunities, speed up transformation and upgrading, and strive to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and promote high-quality development in Guizhou. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Chen Yiqin chaired the meeting. Provincial leaders Liu Jie, Li Zaiyong, Yan Chaojun, Tao Changhai, Wu Qiang, Tan Jiong and Li Hanyu attended the meeting. Sun Zhigang listened to the speeches carefully, interposed questions from time to time, and asked questions on the spot about the development of related industries. He had an in-depth exchange of views with everyone. He said that since the outbreak of COVID-19, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made many major judgments and important instructions on the economic development situation, which have pointed out the direction and injected impetus for us to grasp the situation and explore new prospects. We should earnestly study and understand the spirit of the general Secretary's important speech. Four consciousnesses; , firm & other; Four self-confidence traits; , do & other; Two maintenance. We are deeply aware that China has unique political and institutional advantages, that the fundamentals of its economy remain stable and on the right track in the long run, that its super-large market has huge potential, that there is great potential to expand effective investment, and that new drivers of growth can be developed to create new space for economic growth. All this has strengthened our confidence and strong determination to achieve development. On August 10, the price of pork surged again. China's consumer price index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, rose 2.7 percent year on year in July, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Thursday. Food prices rose 13.2 percent, while non-food prices were flat. Among food items, pork prices rose 85.7 percent, contributing about 2.32 percentage points to the CPI increase. 1 & ndash; Nationwide, consumer prices rose 3.7 percent in July from a year earlier. Experts said that the recent rebound in pork prices is affected by both supply and demand factors. In terms of demand, the pent-up demand for food and other consumer goods has been gradually released in recent months after the outbreak has been brought under control. While the demand is growing rapidly, the supply is affected by the recent flood disaster in many places. In addition, the pork supply in the previous stage in some places is in a relatively shrinking state. In the process of recovery, the supply-demand relationship appears some stages of imbalance.   

      Second, we will accelerate the development of consumption-oriented infrastructure and promote both investment and consumption growth. With a view to meeting, guiding and creating consumer demand and with the focus on strengthening weak links, we will accelerate the development of consumption-oriented infrastructure, and encourage investment and consumption to reinforce each other and achieve circular growth. We will promote the distribution of investment in new consumption facilities, accelerate the development of new information infrastructure, mainly 5G networks and artificial intelligence, promote the widespread application of new forms of consumption, new models and new scenarios, and stimulate new consumption demand. Promote the organic linkage of urban and rural cold-chain logistics facilities, and form a whole-process cold-chain logistics system covering the production, processing, transportation, storage and sales of agricultural products, so as to meet residents' demand for high-quality consumption. We will promote infrastructure connectivity within metropolitan areas and city clusters, promote the free flow and market-based allocation of factors of production such as land, labor, capital, technology and data in metropolitan areas, and promote the development of cities as international or regional centers of consumption. Fourth, we will steadily expand the size of the middle-income group and strengthen the support of the domestic market. The middle-income group is an important support for the formation of a strong domestic market. To expand the scale of the middle-income group as the main fulcrum, emphatically through job security, optimization of the income distribution policy, to promote the healthy development of capital market, expanding the coverage of social security system, open channels to moderate income group is low-income groups, to improve the residents' income, promote urban and rural residents' consumption ability. Sun pointed out that the CPC Central Committee is keenly aware of the current domestic and international situation and has made a major strategic decision to build a new development pattern with the major domestic and international cycles as the main body, which is of rich connotation and far-reaching significance and brings great opportunities for us to speed up high-quality development. We should seize opportunities, be good at creating new opportunities in the midst of crisis and changing circumstances, win the battle against poverty with high quality, deepen the rural industrial revolution, actively foster new drivers of industrial development, and strive to realize the digital economy. Six major breakthroughs. We will vigorously promote the innovative development of the service sector, with the focus on tourism. The majority of market entities should speed up the transformation and upgrading to improve their competitiveness, take the main business as the foundation of their foundation, take innovation as the source of driving force, take transformation and upgrading as the key move, stick to the bottom line of quality, make enterprises better, better and stronger, and play a greater role in serving the overall situation of high-quality development of the province and achieve greater development.   For example, Shaanxi Province proposes to closely focus on the work of shaanxi in the new era. The five requirements. Good planning & other 14 or 15 & throughout; Development, calm down to grasp the implementation, do practical work; Tibet Autonomous Region handled it correctly. Thirteen pairs of relationships. As a working method, we should strive to build a sound business environment, further promote the upgrading of consumption in the region, and promote the transformation of the autonomous region from an investment-led economy to an export-oriented and consumption-oriented economy. Tianjin emphasizes, & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; During this period, we should accelerate the implementation. One base three areas. Function positioning, promote the construction of green ecological barrier, create the central city and binhai New Area & LDQUO; The twins & throughout; Development pattern.

       In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of teenagers in summer vacation, and to create a good atmosphere for teenagers to love science, learn science and use science, On August 7, Guanshanhu Science and Technology Association joined hands with Century City Street to launch. A happy summer. Youth science and technology production activities. More than 30 students and their parents attended. Teachers from Guizhou Hummingbird Yixin Technology Co., Ltd. were invited to explain the scientific principles and production methods of the robot model of the balancing car to the children on the spot. Subsequently, with the guidance and help of the teacher, the children began to make the model of the balanced car robot methodically according to the steps, and all the problems encountered in the making process were solved one by one with the help and guidance of the teacher. After two hours of hard work, the model of balancing car robot was successfully made. However, at the peak of his career, Liu offered to resign. & other; In 2000, I was just 30 years old. I wanted to start my own business in my hometown and bring rich neighbors to my hometown. At that time, the government had policy support for returning to my hometown to start my own business, so I fell in love with it. Moreover, my two children were going to school and wanted to be closer to home. Throughout the &; "Liu Fengsheng said. In June 2002, Liu Fengsheng resigned and returned to ta Shan Village to start his own business. With 12 years of technical accumulation and management experience, he took out the accumulated more than 30,000 yuan, and applied for 30,000 yuan credit loan, using his own house as a production site, purchased simple machinery and equipment, set up Qingzhen Shengfeng furnace factory. Byd's latest sales figures also showed that it sold 31,300 vehicles in July, up 1.3 per cent from a year earlier. After six consecutive months of declining sales, BYD saw its first positive sales growth of the year in July. In addition to the continued strong growth of fuel vehicles, the recovery of new energy vehicles was the main driving force. & other; The large increase was mainly due to a low production and sales base in July after last year's subsidy decline. Throughout the &; Xu haidong said, based on the current new energy vehicles to the countryside and the end of the double points pressure, new energy vehicles will maintain a relatively stable growth in the latter months of this year, the domestic new energy vehicle market sales volume is expected to be 1.1 million units this year. Tesla, meanwhile, is expected to sell around 100,000 new energy vehicles out of 1.1 million units sold, he noted. Sun Zhigang stressed that the provincial Party committees and governments at all levels should take the initiative to implement policies to serve enterprises well and help enterprises develop healthily. We will unswervingly implement the policy of aiding and benefiting enterprises and ensure that all measures directly benefit market entities. We will strengthen financial services for market players, and effectively solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises. We need to foster a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment and provide better public services to market players. Leading Party and government officials at all levels should focus on building pro-Qing relations between government and business, improve their ability to deal with market entities, and help solve difficulties and problems in accordance with laws and regulations. We should attach great importance to helping individuals and businesses solve problems in rent, taxes, social security and financing, and support the healthy development of individual businesses and businesses.

          On August 10th, the provincial employment and entrepreneurship work and ordinary college graduates employment and entrepreneurship work teleconference was held in Guiyang. The meeting thoroughly implemented the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Six stability & throughout; & other; Six confirmed & throughout; To make decisions and make arrangements for the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates of ordinary institutions of higher learning nationwide, and to conduct video and teleconference to analyze and evaluate the current situation, and to arrange and deploy this year's work. Sun Zhigang, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, and Chen Yiqin, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor, made the comments. Li Zaiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and executive Vice governor, attended the meeting and made a speech. Hu Zhongxiong, vice governor, presided over the meeting.  


        Li Ruonan is the inheritor of the sunflower handicraft making of the Ewenki nationality. At first, making sunflower was just a hobby for her and her partners. "Then the village started folk tourism and many tourists were interested in our sunflower. And we thought, why don't we make some sunflowers and sell them? This will not only increase our income, but also spread ewenki's national culture." She said. Li Ruonan introduces the meaning of sunflower to tourists on Aug. 3. (Photo by Pandey/Bright) A small sunflower ornament, about 30-40 yuan; It's complicated and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Every time he sells a sunflower, Li Ruonan will make records to comb customers' preferences and write down the most popular one, as well as its design and color matching. The picture shows the sunflower finished products made by the students of the ewenki township handicraft training class in Chabaqi on August 3. (Photo by Pandey/Light)   RGL association deputy secretary-general Chen Shihua, said in July 2020, along with our country as a whole to promote COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development has achieved positive results, economic operation overall recovery continues to improve, especially in promoting consumption policies, market main body to speed up the pace of complex business shutdown, residents go out orderly increase consumption, market dynamics, stepping up market sales continue to improve. Under this background, automobile production and sales continued the recovery momentum since the second quarter, and maintained a good running trend. & other; Big companies are doing well. Throughout the &; Chen Shihua said. Recently, auto companies have successively released the latest sales data. Geely Automobile sold 105,000 units in July, up 15% year on year. Great Wall motor's sales at home and abroad were successful, with a total of 78,300 units sold, up 30 per cent year on year, of which 6,300 were exported in July, up 75 per cent month-on-month.  


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