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      Should have corresponding to enter oneself for an examination position level, professional teachers' qualification (according to the people club department is sent [2020] no. 24, the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, secondary vocational school teachers' qualification "mount guard, and then research" phased measures, who meet the conditions for the teachers' qualification examination and teachers' qualification about the ideological and political quality, mandarin level, physical condition, such as requirement of college graduates, can mount guard in the related education teaching work, first take the exam again and obtain qualifications for teachers. If the college graduates who take up posts first fail to obtain corresponding professional qualifications within the probation period, they shall terminate the employment contract according to law. This type of candidate will apply for teacher qualification according to the type of teacher (period) and subject). Those who are qualified as teachers in a higher school section may apply for positions in a lower school section of the same major; The qualifications of teachers in high schools and secondary vocational schools may be interchangeable. School leaders, Party members teachers, head teachers and left-behind children in pairs, arrange "surrogate parents" for left-behind children, from life, learning, emotional and other aspects to give them care and help, so that the left-behind children away from their parents "heart is loved, body is protected, difficult to help"; Students are assisted in pairs. Excellent students and student cadres are selected in the class to carry out "mental health education for some left-behind children who are isolated, self-abasement, self-abandonment and other unhealthy psychology". Psychological health education classes are set up, and psychological counseling rooms are set up. Face to face and heart to heart psychological counseling for left-behind children, timely detection, correct counseling, careful correction, effective solution, to establish the confidence of left-behind children. After three sessions of court hearings, Qu Jianghuan was quite helpless with the reply from the people's Social Security bureau at both levels. "It means that we thought you could, but now we think you can't, and it was our internal decision before. This is such a serious matter." In the past three years, Qu Jianghuan repeatedly asked the court and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to transfer the registration materials of 13 candidates for the position of "Cultural Instructor 1" for reference, but he was not successful. "Cultural counsellor 1" post into the interview of the top three candidates for QuJiangHuan, XXL, KeWenDi, if only one KeWenDi professional qualified, then wuning county people club bureau and jiujiang when people club bureau after the written examination for the qualification review, had knowingly KeWenDi only people conform to the professional requirements of the position, in order to help kelvin dida purpose in going to the post directivity object with XXL to me still a qualification to be through, to the interview PeiKao, clearly illegal." The Decision of the CENTRAL Committee of the Communist Party of China on Some Major Issues concerning Upholding and Improving the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics and Promoting the Modernization of China's governance system and Governance Capacity, adopted at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee today, points out that "We should attach importance to the role of the third distribution and develop charity and other public welfare undertakings". Of the CPC Central Committee first clear the third allocation as part of the income distribution system to establish charity and public welfare undertakings in the important position of economic and social development in our country, after the charity law enacted in 2016 further release of a new era of the party and the state vigorously develop public welfare charity, to adjust income distribution pattern of the major signal, have more advantages become the construction of distribution system, create a public welfare charity road with Chinese characteristics, to the strategic guidance of socialist common prosperity. According to Covindi, who has taken the public institution exam several times over the years, every year after the written exam, a student in the interview class always leaves in the middle of the interview because he or she fails to pass the qualification examination due to their majors. A classmate in the interview class told him, "A friend applied for the position in Jingdezhen, but he could not pass the examination even if his major did not meet the requirements." Meanwhile, Ke Wendi consulted the Jiangxi Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department via telephone 12333, and received the following reply: "Art design and art design (decoration art design) are both secondary disciplines under the category of design, and there is no relationship between inclusion and inclusion. The second-level discipline cannot be interpreted as the first-level discipline, and the HUMAN Resources and Social Security Bureau has no right to expand or reduce the scope of specialties. The ministry of Education has the right to interpret the specialty catalogue."

      (1) Written test: the written test shall be conducted in a closed-book manner. The written test score is 100%, accounting for 50% of the total score; The exam time is 120 minutes; The written test covers current affairs and politics, pedagogy, psychology, educational laws and regulations, teachers' ethics and other knowledge (pedagogy and psychology are based on current university textbooks). Written test scores appear in a tie at the same time into the interview. (3) the total score = 50% of the written test score + 50% of the interview score. The total score will be kept to two decimal places, and the total score will be admitted at the same time. The written and interview scores will be publicized on the website and the WeChat public platform of "master xiayi" and "xiayi people's club" for no less than 7 working days.  Recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures of online registration, online qualification preliminary examination, on-site registration, on-site test, result announcement, employment agreement signing, physical examination and inspection, publicity and employment, etc. By each recruitment unit to fill in the content of the applicant online qualification, determine the shortlisted personnel and non-shortlisted personnel, the shortlisted personnel no longer notice, can directly go to the site to submit materials for review, non-shortlisted personnel will be SMS or email notification. The qualification review is only a preliminary review of the content provided by the applicant, and the final results of the on-site audit materials shall prevail. The graduates can be instead of the table of the graduate employment recommendation), 2 b and so on more than putonghua proficiency test certificate (except for teaching jobs) (if you have related certificate of teachers, teachers can submit certificate), attending school report card (original and photocopy), the institution open recruitment of guangdong province personnel application form (the attachment According to the announcement on recruitment of Grassroots Civil Servants for Local Excellent Talents in Weihai city in 2020, the score for recruitment of grassroots civil servants for local excellent talents in Weihai city is: no less than 50 points for the written test. The list of candidates for recruitment of grassroots civil servants to local talents for interview in 2020 is hereby announced (see the attachment for details). For other matters related to epidemic prevention and control, please refer to the  

        Institutions affiliated to the Natural Resources Department of the Autonomous Region shall, under the guidance of the leading group of open recruitment of the Natural resources Department of the Autonomous Region, conduct a comprehensive examination and assessment of the qualified personnel. Focus on the assessment of candidates' ideological and political quality, ability quality, law-abiding, moral quality accomplishment and other conditions. The applicant shall provide the ideological and political performance materials of the individual during the period of study or work issued by the individual graduate school or original unit, and stamp the official seal of the school or unit. If there is no working unit temporarily, the residential sub-district office, police station or community shall issue the materials for political examination. After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem does not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be handled according to the relevant provisions; If serious problems are reported and evidence is substantiated, the number of vacancies shall be filled in order; If there is a serious problem, but it is difficult to verify or deny for a while, we will suspend the employment and decide whether to hire after verification. The mode of innovative thinking is changing from Chinese speed to Chinese quality. In today's society, we are seeking for speed in everything: early employment, advanced education, changing the speed of love and buying a house upon graduation. Under the slogan of "fast pace", we have indeed achieved rapid improvement in economic level and become the second largest economy in the world from the beginning when new China was founded. But, in retrospect, behind the pursuit of speed lies a neglect of "quality" : goods made in China are cheap but not necessarily good. But the quality is exactly an enterprise occupies the market the fundamental, is the national development foundation. Just think, if China only wants speed, not quality, in every field, can we create the China we want? Therefore, at the inflection point of The Times, we should continue to innovate the way of thinking, shift from the idea of "speed" first to the policy of "quality", give full play to the spirit of craftsmen, and build a strong country of quality with the civilization of "Chinese quality". 1. The qualification examination for the posts subordinate to the procuratorial organs of Zibo City and the organization departments of district party committees and counties shall be organized by the recruiting organs separately. Apply for the qualification examination of posts of municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Municipal Administration of Administrative Examination and Approval, Municipal Administration of Market Supervision, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Municipal Medical Security Bureau, Municipal Administration of City, municipal Court system, municipal Audit Bureau (including Audit Bureau of Zhangdian District), municipal Bureau of Justice, and municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and organize them in a unified and centralized way. Please refer to the attachment for the specific examination place and contact information. With this year's graduates enter oneself for an examination, should take the initiative and contact with the agency that recruit, submit record of formal schooling (degree) certificate original, photocopy, and supplementary explanation concerned job circumstance, can provide relevant proof material when necessary. Among them, 2018, in 2019 the ordinary university graduates should be provided within the employment period not to carry out the work unit, archives, organization relationship remains in the original school graduation, or keep in graduate employment departments at all levels (graduate employment guidance service center), talent exchange service organizations at all levels and all levels of public employment service agencies; If the applicant is not a fresh graduate, one original and one copy of the diploma (degree) recognized by the state shall be submitted; After the qualification examination, if the proportion between the number of applicants and the number of planned posts is less than 2:1, the number of planned posts will be cancelled or reduced accordingly.

        7. Those from rural families living in absolute poverty and those from urban families enjoying the national minimum standard of living can be exempted from the examination fee. Exemption from the examination fee candidates should be 24 solstice in August 2020 to August 28 (9 to 11 in the morning, 15:30 to 17:30pm) to the luoyang personnel test center computer room (the city of luoyang new district kai yuan road area A room 213, luoyang, convention and exhibition centre, 286) to submit the following materials: rural of family of absolutely poverty enter oneself for an examination personnel, submit the family seat of the county (city, area) issued by the office of special difficult to prove and especially tired family fundamental condition file card (copy) and hu kou book; Enjoy the person that the town family enters oneself for an examination of national lowest life safeguard, the county that submits its family seat (city, area) civil administration branch issues the proof that enjoys safeguard of lowest life and low assure (photocopy) reach registered permanent residence this.  The Meteorological observatory of Sichuan province issued a short-time rainstorm forecast at 14:50 on Wednesday, saying that in the past six hours, mianyang, Deyang and Chengdu, as well as the eastern part of Guangyuan and the western part of Meishan, there have been heavy rain to heavy rain. It is expected that in the next 6 hours, there will be heavy rain in the west of Guangyuan, Mianyang and Deyang cities and chengdu and Meishan. [Commentary] At 16:00, Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Observatory upgraded the blue alert to orange alert for heavy rain. The alert said there will be heavy rain in the cities of Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang, Chengdu, Meishan, Leshan and Ya 'an from 20 am to 20 PM On October 11, with heavy rain in some places and heavy rain in some cities of Mianyang, Deyang and Chengdu. The eastern part of Aba Prefecture (including the Eddy ying area) has heavy rain to heavy rain. In order to further broaden the channels of recruitment, enrich the work force of discipline inspection and supervision, and optimize the structure of the cadre team, according to the notice on Strengthening the Professional Ability Construction of Discipline inspection and Supervision Cadres of The prefecture (Yanzhou Discipline Development and Development (no. 10, 2020), the establishment and position vacancy of discipline inspection and supervision committees of the county shall be combined. The commission for Discipline Inspection of Antu County has decided to open the selection and transfer of staff to the whole county, and the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: All units and departments of the county (including towns and streets) are on the job, and civil servants who have been registered and put on record in accordance with the provisions (including public institution staff managed by referring to the civil servant law); Fully funded establishment of career staff.

        1 -- Innovative way of thinking to transform from Chinese products to Chinese brands. Through the comparison of examples, it is pointed out that if there is no innovation, there is no harm of brand awareness, so we must change our business thinking, change from low-end products to high-end brands, and take the road of "branding" development. "There is no sunset industry, only sunset enterprises and sunset people". Therefore, the innovative way of thinking, to let the sunset into the "made in China" to "created in China", let China speed to China's quality, let China's products transmutation Chinese brand, let China's manufacturing power leading the world. Therefore, only through innovative thinking can we change the setting sun from "made in China" to "created in China", speed to Chinese quality, transform Chinese products into Chinese brands, and make China a leading manufacturer in the world.     

      Applicants who have been cancelled may apply for other posts from 10:00 to 16:00 on August 21. The admission ticket shall be issued if the qualification examination is qualified. The admission ticket can be collected from 8:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30 on August 28, 2020 in Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Those who fail to collect the goods after the deadline will be given up automatically. Written test subjects: Public Basic Knowledge (main contents: common sense of politics, economy, law, humanities, management, national conditions, etc.), judgment and reasoning, speech understanding and expression, writing. Full score: 120. Recruitment shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures of online registration, online qualification preliminary examination, on-site registration, on-site test, result announcement, employment agreement signing, physical examination and inspection, publicity and employment, etc. By each recruitment unit to fill in the content of the applicant online qualification, determine the shortlisted personnel and non-shortlisted personnel, the shortlisted personnel no longer notice, can directly go to the site to submit materials for review, non-shortlisted personnel will be SMS or email notification. The qualification review is only a preliminary review of the content provided by the applicant, and the final results of the on-site audit materials shall prevail. The graduates can be instead of the table of the graduate employment recommendation), 2 b and so on more than putonghua proficiency test certificate (except for teaching jobs) (if you have related certificate of teachers, teachers can submit certificate), attending school report card (original and photocopy), the institution open recruitment of guangdong province personnel application form (the attachment Fire fighting and rescue ranks shall be awarded to the fire fighting and rescue ranks that have been approved and hired after passing the training in accordance with the regulations of the People's Republic of China on Fire Fighting and Rescue Ranks, which shall be uniformly distributed among the recruited headquarters within the administrative regions of the province (autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government). After the specified number of years of work, you can be promoted step by step in accordance with the specified ratio according to your personal ability and quality, actual performance and position vacancy. Excellent professional backbone of firefighters, selected by independent recruitment, will be promoted to the directional training of fire colleges and be appointed as commanders after graduation. Firefighters with a full-time bachelor's degree or above can also be directly appointed as commanders by passing the examination for the recruitment of cadres (the National Civil service Examination). (3) during the period from the registration to the public announcement of the personnel to be hired, the applicant shall ensure that the communication tools he/she filled in during the registration are unblocked, and timely pay attention to the announcement information of shenyang talent network and huishenghua WeChat public number. Failure to participate in any link of the recruitment work due to the candidate's personal reasons shall be deemed as giving up the application qualification. Candidates with confirmed COVID-19 cases; Candidates diagnosed with asymptomatic COVID-19 infection; (3) Candidates under quarantine medical observation and treatment, centralized quarantine observation period; Candidates identified as close contacts of COVID-19; On the day of the examination (2) fill in the contact address and telephone number must be true, during the application period must keep the contact phone open. If the applicant fails to receive the notice of recruitment on time due to the unblocked contact phone number and thus delays his/her participation in the interview, physical examination and other links, the applicant shall be responsible for the consequences.


      First commercial Data center of finance and economics (CBN - Data) after release of the 2019 pet consumption ecological Data report shows that the pet service type full blossom in our country, more and more consumers are willing to pay for the pet, "the cat" cloud index in improved 10 times for nearly two years, "cloud pet" mode has become the contemporary young People's Daily. An analyst from the catering industry in The province said that the essence of business is flow. "The model of pet-themed drinks store is to stimulate the desire of people who love pets to purchase and consume through the cute pet effect." In particular, after the customer experience is completed and Shared through social platforms, good publicity effect can be achieved. Please refer to the position table (Annex 1) for the position information, category and specific conditions. A medical practitioner or assistant medical practitioner shall be qualified with a qualification certificate. The category, profession or scope may be qualified with this qualification certificate, or may be qualified with another medical practitioner certificate. For qualifications (degree) and physician certificates, the same level of education (degree), professional qualification certificate and professional and technical qualification level and above shall meet the requirements. 1. Registration time: 18 solstice 21 August 2020 (9:00-12:00 am, 1500-18:00 PM). 2. Registration method: on-site registration shall be adopted. Registration place: Meeting room on the second floor of Mianzhu Health Bureau. Address: 402 dafan Road, Jiannan Town, Mianzhu City, Tel: 0838-6909019.  During the trial, Wuning County Bureau of Culture, Guangxin Tourism issued a cross-examination opinion, saying that when applying for this position, no discriminatory conditions unrelated to this position were set up, and that the "cultural counselor 1" position was set up because of job demands, and a number of similar majors suitable for the job requirements were set up at the same time. "We apply to the human resources and social security departments in accordance with the law. According to the recruitment Notice, majors not listed in the professional code can also be set as the scope of recruitment. "There is no problem with orientation Settings." "Professional catalog were certainly not 'art design (media) art design major, unit of choose and employ persons how to find this major I don't know, I am see job postings are in line with my professional post to enter oneself for an examination, the enrollment in the clear of my major, don't need to go to see a professional directory, but QuJiangHuan professional recruitment notice made no, not only the professional catalog." "If the position was created specifically for me, why would the qualification process be such a problem? I wouldn't have to go to so much trouble to report it. I should have been able to go all the way." Applicants must present their registered ID number

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