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       ) specified in the epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the unified plan of the government, health department of health during the transfer or medical institutions, directly involved in COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and cure a line of work, and direct contact with confirmed or suspected cases of accepts, screening, inspection, testing, transport, treatment, nursing, epidemiological investigation, medical observation, as well as direct cases of specimen collection, pathogen detection, pathologic examination, pathological anatomy of medical and health professional and technical personnel. : The registration shall be carried out in the way of on-site registration. Each person can only apply for one post. The valid identity card used in the registration and examination must be the same. (among them applicant "Jinzhong city second people's Hospital The persistence and closeness of the relationship determine that tutors have a profound influence on graduate students. In an ideal mentoring relationship, a mentor should be both an academic mentor and a life mentor. On the basis of academic tutors, it is necessary to emphasize the educational orientation of tutors' evaluation. Developing educational evaluation & LDQuo; The baton & throughout; Function: to incorporate the teaching and education level and guiding energy input of tutors into the evaluation and assessment system of tutors, and lay more emphasis on the evaluation of scientific research and teaching process and actual effect of postgraduate tutors; For the lack of education process or education effect is not good, timely adjustment and correction; To the tutor to the talent training, ideological and political education, education and teaching line.  On August 11, 1943, the first Quebec Conference (the quarterback Conference) was held. Churchill and Roosevelt hosted the meeting, which was attended by Soong Ziwen, Foreign Minister of the Chinese Nationalist Government, and Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada. At the meeting, the United States and Britain mainly debated the implementation of "Operation Overlord" plan. The Conference approved the Overlord plan and gave it priority, but postponed its implementation to 1 May 1944. The meeting confirmed the importance of opening a second Front in Europe, set a deadline for defeating Japan, and ensured the coordination of allied operations. In mid-August 1945, at the critical moment of the war of Resistance against Japan, Commander-in-chief Zhu DE issued seven orders in succession, ordering the troops in the liberated areas to advance rapidly, confiscate the Japanese puppet forces and carry out a broad counter-offensive across the board. The name "PEOPLE's Liberation Army" was first put forward on August 11 in zhu DE's Counter-offensive Order No. 4. On November 1, 1948, after the Central Military Commission issued the general Decree, all the armed forces were renamed the People's Liberation Army. It is expressly stipulated in the decree that the designations of each regiment and sub-division above must be prefixed with the words "People's Liberation Army".

        (III) Examination and assessment method: If the number of recruitment and the number of qualified candidates for the same post reaches 1:10 or more, the candidates for assessment shall be selected by the professional written test, and the candidates for assessment shall be determined according to the score of the professional written test in a ratio of 1:3 from the highest to the lowest, and then clinical practical operation and structured comprehensive interview shall be conducted; If the ratio does not reach 1:10, the candidate will participate in the professional skill assessment and comprehensive interview organized by the hospital, and take quantitative scoring. According to the recruitment plan, the candidate will be determined according to the score from high to low. (iv) Assessment scoring principle: Based on the 100-point system, the overall test score = general interview score 㗴0%+ practical operation score 㗳0%+ professional written test score 㗳0%, or the assessment score without professional written test = general interview score 㗶0%+ practical operation score 㗴0%. If there is no competition for the position, it may be adopted by a majority vote of more than 2/3 of the members of the assessment team, and the voting situation shall be recorded.  All the above materials shall be provided with electronic version, copy or scanning copy, among which the certificate of academic degree verification shall be provided. If there is no time to provide the certificate at the time of registration, the original of relevant materials shall be submitted at the latest during the qualification review, otherwise the employment qualification shall be cancelled.  

      Through the preliminary examination, written examination, interview, physical examination, political examination five links, to the applicant for the overall quality inspection, the best admission. The receiver will officially notify the receiver of the call. Please bring the written test admission ticket, your valid ID card and the interview notice. The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly testing the candidates' comprehensive analysis ability, speech expression ability, planning, organization and coordination ability, strain capacity, emotional control, interpersonal cooperation awareness and skills, job motivation and the matching of the proposed position, manners and appearance, etc. The ministry of human resources and social security and the former ministry of health issued the notice on the revision of >, the general standard for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) and >, the operation manual for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) (issued by the ministry of human resources and social security)  The Experimental School affiliated to South China University of Technology (SCUT) is a nine-year system school approved by The Education Bureau of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, and sponsored by the Education Development Foundation of South China University of Technology (SCUT). It has two divisions: secondary school and primary School. The university is located in the campus of South China University of Technology. Relying on the university's good educational resources, the university has advanced facilities, profound cultural deposits, strong faculty, strict school spirit and discipline, and rich learning atmosphere. Existing school

      The proportion of qualified personnel in the interview results, to determine the physical examination, inspection candidates. The competent recruitment unit is responsible for the physical examination and inspection of the candidates to be hired. If appear physical examination, inspect unqualified, examinee gives up voluntarily wait for a circumstance, after recruiting supervisor unit must report to ask bureau of area human resources and social security to agree, according to same post comprehensive result from high to low order fill one by one to determine physical examination, inspective personnel. Inspection. Unit of choose and employ persons adopts consult oneself archives, make an appointment with oneself talk or to its place the unit is investigated, discuss wait for a way to carry on, to examinee's thought political performance, moral character, professional ability, work actual achievement to undertake investigating, undertake rechecking to its qualification condition. Within 30 working days after the expiration of the publicity period, if there are no problems or reported problems that do not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be completed; To refuse to employ those who reflect problems affecting the employment and have evidence to prove them; If the reported problem is difficult to be verified at the moment, the employment may be suspended and the decision on whether to hire the employee shall be made after the investigation is made. Any vacancy that has not been advertised will not be filled. (2) Relevant provisions on withdrawal shall be implemented in recruitment. If the staff engaged in recruitment is related to the applicant by husband and wife, direct blood relationship, collateral blood relationship within three generations or close marriage relationship, or any other relationship that may affect the fairness of recruitment, they shall withdraw. (3) Examination-examination personnel shall strictly abide by the recruitment discipline, faithfully submit relevant documents and materials, and those who practice fraud or violate the rules of the law shall, upon verification, be disqualified for examination or employment, and shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations. It was approved as a public institution directly under the provincial government. In order to build a world-class scientific and technological innovation guarantee platform and combine micro and nano processing technology with clinical testing and application, Bio Island Laboratory has established an industrial platform for micro and flow control research and development. Guided by industrial needs and based on scientific and technological innovation, bio Island laboratory gathers various scientific and technological talents to support the construction of a public technology platform in the Greater Bay Area. Due to the construction needs, we are looking for relevant talents. According to the job responsibilities, the annual salary is    

      Daily communication instruction; Courses throughout the &; "Means that the tutor's guidance to students is not random and random, but to organize and purposefully design the theme and content of guidance or communication according to the growth rules of students' cognitive development, moral development and other aspects at different stages of students' learning development. According to the actual needs, colleges and universities should also stipulate a clear period stipulation in the teaching plan and bring it into the system scope of course evaluation. For colleges and universities, it is necessary to regard teaching and education as the core content of postgraduate tutor evaluation, highlight educational and teaching performance, establish assessment and incentive mechanism conducive to stimulating tutors' teaching enthusiasm and initiative, and at the same time improve the system of scientific and educational collaborative education. For tutors, it is necessary not only to strengthen the scientific research guidance for postgraduates, but also to improve the teaching ability, course quality and educational quality, guide postgraduates to cultivate the quality of scholars in the integration of study and research, and enhance the academic grade in the complementarity between innovation and education. Candidates in the process of assessment (written examination, registration) was found or active report physical discomfort, the fever, cough and other respiratory tract abnormalities of retest review, by the stagnation point to evaluate the medical staff, have to continue to finish (written examination, registration) to test the examinee to continue the inspection (written examination, registration) does not have to continue to finish (written examination, registration) to test the examinee, the stagnation point medical staff properly disposed of in accordance with the regulations. During the examination (written examination), the examinee who cannot attend the examination (written examination) due to physical reasons will be deemed to give up automatically. In the appraisal employment work, ensures the information, the process, the result is open, accepts the society and the related department's supervision. Those who violate the regulations or engage in fraud shall, once verified, be disqualified for employment, and the relevant personnel shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations. Those who violate the regulations of the examination discipline shall be dealt with according to the measures of Sichuan Province for the violation of the regulations of the personnel examination issued by the Provincial Personnel Department and the Provincial Supervision Department   (I) The applicant shall fill in the resume and relevant information accurately and completely to ensure the authenticity of the information; The Bank of China reserves the right to disqualify the applicant in case of any inconsistency with the facts. (ii) There are some differences in the recruitment positions and application conditions of various organizations. Some organizations (such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas organizations) have special requirements on the scope of applicants. Applicants should apply according to their own situations to avoid invalid applications. (iv) During the recruitment process, The Bank of China will contact the applicant through the contact information (including mobile phone, E-mail, etc.) filled in during the online registration. Please make sure that the information is filled in accurately and keep the communication smooth. (5) Bank of China has not established or entrusted any examination center, proposition center or similar institution, has never edited or published any campus recruitment examination reference materials, and has never provided any institution with materials and information related to campus recruitment examination. Bank of China will not charge any fees to candidates during the on-campus recruitment process. Please be alert and beware of being cheated. It was approved as a public institution directly under the provincial government. In order to build a world-class scientific and technological innovation guarantee platform and combine micro and nano processing technology with clinical testing and application, Bio Island Laboratory has established an industrial platform for micro and flow control research and development. Guided by industrial needs and based on scientific and technological innovation, bio Island laboratory gathers various scientific and technological talents to support the construction of a public technology platform in the Greater Bay Area. Due to the construction needs, we are looking for relevant talents. According to the job responsibilities, the annual salary is

      This plan is open to the selection and transfer of 5 civil servants (participating managers) for rural towns and streets in the district. The specific positions are listed in the "Open Selection and transfer of civil servants (participating managers) for Rural towns and streets in The District in 2020 in Guichi District" (see Annex 1). The selected positions are for the rural towns and streets in Guichi district (excluding Chiyang, Qiupu, Qingfeng, Xinghua Village, Jiangkou and Qingxi streets), which have been registered as civil servants and are on the staff, the four-level chief staff who have been transferred due to their ranks, and the four-level chief staff who have been transferred from graduate to regular grade. (4) Meet the age conditions for public selection. "Under the age of 40" means any person born after August 18, 1979; "Under the age of 35" means those born after August 18, 1984.     Established as the Second People's Hospital of Baoyi Group, it is a second-class first-class public general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and community health services. National Chest Pain Center, Shenzhen Stroke Center, Teaching Hospital of Higher Medical Colleges in Guangdong Province, Technical Cooperation Unit of The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University. Also carried out urology outside, general outside, brain outside, bone outside, gynecology, obstetrics, ent, stomatology and other surgical projects. Such as lobectomy; Radical cure and knot of breast cancer; Radical treatment of colorectal cancer; Craniocerebral surgery, aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation interventional embolization and craniotomy; Repair of heart perforation, lobectomy; Laparoscopic ovarian cyst excision and laparoscopic total hysterectomy; Arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, through

      According to the total score of the interview from high score to low score, the candidates for each post to enter the physical examination link are determined and announced. The physical examination is organized by the office of the leading group of the work of selection and transfer in the designated grade A and above general hospitals. Medical reference to human resources and social security ministry, state health and family planning commission, the state bureau of civil servants on the revision of the civil servants employed medical general standard (try out) > and < civil servants employed medical operation manual (try out) > announcement concerning the content (people club department is sent by county human resources department in charge of social security and education for medical qualified personnel of morality, ability, work, performance, cheap, and so on and so forth to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the inspection objects to verify whether accord with qualification condition, registration information and related materials are true, accurate, and make a conclusion. This year's fresh graduates shall provide the school status certificate issued by the school (school status certificate should include educational background, degree, length of schooling, major, graduation time), such personnel shall obtain the corresponding educational background and degree certificate in the qualification review link, otherwise their interview qualification shall be cancelled. According to the qualifications of the post, the applicants for the qualification examination. Registration and qualification examination are conducted simultaneously. Candidates submit entry information should be true, accurate (among them, the application form should fill in the professional and candidates themselves to obtain the university diploma on the professional consistent). " . Enter oneself for an examination post requirement is specific major, can enter oneself for an examination only with this major; Enter oneself for an examination post professional requirement is professional kind, accord with the major of this professional kind to all can enter oneself for an examination (if: enter oneself for an examination requirement is economics major, only economics can enter oneself for an examination; Enter oneself for an examination major is economics kind, economics, international economy and trade, trade economy can enter oneself for an examination). Apply for the post requirements for undergraduate and above degrees, postgraduate qualifications for the application, postgraduate major and recruitment requirements major belong to the same professional category.  Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources is accredited by nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources. Main responsibility is to perform all the natural resources assets owners and all national spatial use control duties, organize the formulation of the national spatial planning and related special planning and supervise the implementation, responsible for strategic planning of city development and management, in charge of urban and rural space resources scientific configuration, in charge of the urban space quality promotion related planning and management, responsible for land use planning and construction management, construction project is responsible for the historical and cultural city protection related planning and management, be responsible for the organization or relating to special space planning of municipal traffic planning and management, responsible for natural resources investigation and monitoring and evaluation, responsible for natural resources and real estate have unified approval register, is responsible for the natural resources assets Compensation for utilization, responsible for the rational development and utilization of natural resources, responsible for the control of land space use, responsible for the overall planning of ecological restoration of land space, responsible for the organization and implementation of the strictest farmland protection system, responsible for geological and mineral management, responsible for mapping and geographic information management.  

      Day. Students studying abroad or abroad shall present certificates of overseas academic qualifications and academic degrees issued by China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education. Candidates who fail to obtain relevant certificates as required will be deemed to have given up automatically and will not be employed. Review the interview qualifications and get the admission ticket. Before the interview, the competent department of the recruitment unit and the recruitment unit shall review the qualifications of the candidates and obtain the admission ticket. Other matters will be announced separately. Candidates should pay attention to the website of Macheng People's Government and notice of Macheng People's Social network public number from the successful date of registration. Inspection. The examination highlights the quality of moral integrity, focusing on its moral conduct, professional expertise, ability and quality, learning and work performance, position matching, and the examination of the candidates' qualifications. If the object of investigation has abandoned or unqualified inspection, according to the test results in turn fill.     

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