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       Old old community transformation is visible, tangible, solid livelihood projects. To transform the old community not only to change the exposed face, but also to do a good job of benefiting the people. In the    Obtain corresponding academic degree before, otherwise disqualify hire qualification. Students studying in Hong Kong and Macao or studying abroad must obtain certificates of academic qualifications, certificates of academic degrees and relevant supporting materials from China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education before the deadline for application. In addition, certificates of academic qualifications, academic degree certificates and relevant supporting materials issued by China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education shall be presented during the qualification examination.

         The school unswervingly walks the characteristic school-running road, the talent training quality gradually enhances; Taking the initiative to serve the basic education and local economic and social development of Guangdong Province, He undertakes the training tasks of basic education teachers and school (garden) leaders, and co-builds affiliated schools and education experimental areas with local governments. He has achieved outstanding results and enjoys a high reputation in the society. Personal resume, works, scientific research project certificate, award certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, second generation resident IDENTITY card (both sides scanned on the same page), household registration book (the first page and the personal page scanned on the same page) and other materials. After the end of the trial, to enter the interview stage of personnel qualification review, qualification review can enter the next stage of the examination. The name list of those who pass the qualification review will be announced on the website of the Personnel Department of Guangdong Second Normal University. If there is no objection to the announcement, enter the interview procedure. In case of a vacancy caused by failure to pass the qualification review, the quota may be filled in the same amount according to the trial performance from high to low.   

      Fire fighters shall adopt a wage and treatment policy that is consistent with the occupational characteristics of fire and rescue teams, such as high intensity, high risk and 24-hour on-duty preparation. Dependency in accordance with the provisions, to attend endowment insurance agencies and institutions and insurance of primary medical treatment, enjoy treatment of national office working personnel casualties pension, and according to the characteristics of fire fighting and rescue work to establish a casualty additional insurance system (in the national comprehensive fire rescue teams such as social insurance, pension and preferential treatment policies before, according to the prior to the conversion of the policy implementation). National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, human resources and social security ministry, the Ministry of Transport and department of veterans affairs and other ministries and emergency management department jointly issued "on to do a good job of national comprehensive fire rescue team personnel related preferential treatment notice ([2019] no. 84)," about protecting national comprehensive fire rescue team personnel transportation preferential rights related matters notice (shipment rules [2019] no. 4) and other documents, It is clear that the personnel of comprehensive national fire and rescue teams enjoy special preferential policies in terms of death and injury compensation, exit placement, employment and entrepreneurship, family preferential treatment, children's schooling, housing and medical care, transportation and sightseeing. . (After successful payment, download and print the Application Form in duplicate, and take it with you for your own use. Note: if the payment is successful, it is for registration confirmation. The post and personal information can not be changed. Intelligence test cloud & throughout; Online examination system candidates end, login & LDQUO; Intelligence test pass & throughout; Mobile terminal, & LDQuo; Intelligence test cloud & throughout; Participate in the simulation test on the computer side. The main contents of the simulation test include login, test question presentation, recording and video recording, supporting video shooting and uploading, and other whole-process operations; Each person can only attend once a day. The main purpose of the mock exam is to familiarize the examinee with the whole process of system login, question presentation and answer, recording and video recording, supporting video shooting and uploading, etc. The specific question information and requirements shall be subject to the official exam. If you are unable to log in, face recognition disorder or need to replace your computer temporarily due to computer malfunction, please call the technical hotline immediately:    

      hello I will graduate in July 2020, and the tripartite labor contract has been signed. Now I am working as a trainee in a company, where the file is the origin and the league relationship is in the company. At first I heard it was the class of 2020, but now the mixed news is a bit confusing. Would like to ask: At present I can enter oneself for an examination Jiangxi 20 this year's graduates of the post? If yes, do you need to prove that you are a fresh graduate of the 20th year? Does the file matter in the place of origin? Are you quitting? Jiangxi - National Civil servant Examination Network hello. I will graduate in July 2020, and the tripartite labor contract has been signed. Now I am working as a trainee in a company, where the file is the origin and the league relationship is in the company. At first I heard it was the class of 2020, but now the mixed news is a bit confusing. Would like to ask: At present I can enter oneself for an examination Jiangxi 20 this year's graduates of the post? If yes, do you need to prove that you are a fresh graduate of the 20th year? Does the file matter in the place of origin? Are you quitting?   The famous modern philosopher Wittgenstein once said: "Once the new way of thinking is established, many old problems will automatically disappear." Things are so changeable that any idea of constancy will eventually lag behind the change of things, resulting in many problems that limit development. It is the same with the development of manufacturing industry. The technological progress of each era will lead the manufacturing industry to break through bottlenecks and achieve innovative development. If the thinking cannot keep pace with The Times, it will be left out of the team of leaders. In today's deepening of reform, only innovation in the way of thinking, can move towards a manufacturing power. Third, the conclusion: summarizes the full text. Therefore, only through innovative thinking can we change the setting sun from "made in China" to "created in China", speed to Chinese quality, transform Chinese products into Chinese brands, and make China a leading manufacturer in the world. (3) In accordance with the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control, candidates should strictly observe the relevant national regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and accept the health code check and temperature measurement at the corresponding link of recruitment. Only those who pass the health code green and temperature measurement can enter this link. If the candidate's health code is "non-green" and the candidate fails to pass the temperature measurement, a negative test certificate shall be provided within 7 days, and the candidate shall be sent to the local medical staff 

      On-the-job personnel who apply for the examination should submit at the same time the department or unit with the administrative authority of employing people issued by the approval of the application letter. Those who have signed employment (directional training) agreement or labor contract with the accepting unit should present the letter of introduction that the accepting unit agrees to register. The above-mentioned letter of introduction may also be provided before the medical examination and investigation with the consent of the admission office; In enter oneself for an examination enroll service project in the position of the personnel at the grass-roots level, "the village office to the hiring of college graduates" project personnel shall provide organization departments at or above the county level examination of documents, the staff of the "three helps" program shall provide in shandong province "three helps" work to coordinate the recruitment notice issued by the management office of human resources social security departments above county issued by the inspection material, "western college students volunteer service plan" project personnel shall provide assessment of provincial party committee of the communist youth league of proof, the communist youth league central unified production storage and western college students volunteer service plan appraisal table etc. Above by the organization, human resources and social security department issued by the group provincial party committee inspection certificate material, should be clear candidates in the "village office to the hiring", "three help", "western college students volunteer service plan" at the time of performance, the ideological and political work, as well as the reporting time, service time (time) in specific to, among them, because of secondment (help) to at or above the county level (including county-level) work in government institutions with more than 1 months and time should be marked separately, not included in the service time of the service personnel at the field level; Applicants who have been cancelled may apply for other posts from 10:00 to 16:00 on August 21. The admission ticket shall be issued if the qualification examination is qualified. The admission ticket can be collected from 8:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30 on August 28, 2020 in Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Those who fail to collect the goods after the deadline will be given up automatically. Written test subjects: Public Basic Knowledge (main contents: common sense of politics, economy, law, humanities, management, national conditions, etc.), judgment and reasoning, speech understanding and expression, writing. Full score: 120. (3) To participate in the on-site review of qualification examination. According to the preliminary examination results on the Internet, according to the notice requirements of the provincial admission office, the applicant shall carry id card (residence permit), residence booklet, graduation certificate (degree certificate) and online certification report, discharge certificate, the original and photocopy of the certificate certificate and other relevant materials to participate in the on-site review. Through the review, notify enroll object after the formal employ in frequently to prepare, daily management, education and training mode and abnormal departure economic punishment measures, and in the online application system to generate print "registration form" for the national comprehensive fire rescue teams firefighters enroll and firefighters enroll informed book sign (see attachment 2). Those who refuse to sign up will be disqualified.  To be responsible for the informationization of party construction, the health care of cadres, the examination and approval of going abroad and other related work and special work related to party construction, organization and cadres; Management & other; National Party member information management system. , & other Party member management system of Yunnan Province. , & other Intelligent Party building; , & other Grassroots Party building information platform. Party construction information platform; Temporary work of organization and cadre arranged by the department. (2) Remuneration: purchase endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and housing provident fund for the employees in accordance with relevant policies and standards of Yunnan Province and Kunming;

             Applicants who pass the qualification examination shall hold their id CARDS and admission tickets to attend the follow-up admission examination. The assessment items include physical examination, political examination, physical examination and adaptability test, psychological test and interview. (1) Medical examination. It shall be carried out in a designated general hospital at or above the municipal level with reference to the standards for Medical Examination of eligible Citizens set forth in the "Standards for Medical Examination of Eligible Citizens". Those who fail to pass the physical examination shall not be admitted. Before the physical examination, each municipal fire and rescue detachment shall use the online registration system to download and print the Physical Examination Form of National Comprehensive Fire and rescue Team Firefighter Recruitment, and distribute it uniformly on the day of physical examination. If the applicant disagrees with the result of the physical examination and applies for a reexamination, the provincial office of admission and the health department at the same level may conduct a reexamination after joint study. The result of the physical examination shall be subject to the reexamination conclusion. The items that can affect the examination results by taking drugs or other therapeutic means shall not be reexamined, and the preliminary examination conclusion shall be the final conclusion. In view of the special requirements of fire rescue work, those who have been assessed as disabled and have a record of treatment for serious injuries and injuries are not suitable for fire rescue work shall not be admitted.

      The recruitment procedures of this public assessment include announcement, online registration, preliminary examination of qualification, written test, interview assessment, qualification review, physical examination, investigation, publicity, employment and other links. (1) Applicants should fill in the registration form after passing the registration according to the network prompts, and fill in the registration information accurately and truthfully. (Photo uploading requirements: upload in JPG image format; it is suggested that the image should be in the range of 50KB to 200KB) and provide effective contact information. This examination implements the good faith registration system, must use the same valid second generation resident identity card or valid temporary identity card to participate in the examination. The recruitment qualification examination team shall conduct a preliminary examination of the qualification according to the application Form submitted by the applicants. After submitting the information of the applicants, they shall log in the registration system before 12:00 on August 21, 2020 (the last day of the registration period) to check the qualification examination results. If the qualification examination fails, please submit the supplementary materials in time. The system will be shut down at 16:00 on August 21, 2020 (the last day of the registration period), and on August 21, 2020 (the last day of the registration period) (1) Written test: the written test shall be conducted in a closed-book manner. The written test score is 100%, accounting for 50% of the total score; The exam time is 120 minutes; The written test covers current affairs and politics, pedagogy, psychology, educational laws and regulations, teachers' ethics and other knowledge (pedagogy and psychology are based on current university textbooks). Written test scores appear in a tie at the same time into the interview. (3) the total score = 50% of the written test score + 50% of the interview score. The total score will be kept to two decimal places, and the total score will be admitted at the same time. The written and interview scores will be publicized on the website and the WeChat public platform of "master xiayi" and "xiayi people's club" for no less than 7 working days.  C. The origin of War and Shikumen has been described in the passage. In other words, the shikumen building in the Shanghai Concession was born because of war. The war forced the rich and even the common people in the Yangtze River valley to rush to the Shanghai concession, and the number of people exploded, resulting in the emergence of the shanty houses in the concession. D) The scope of description in the paragraph revolves around the subject "Shikumen", rather than "Shikumen residents". According to the writing logic, the scope of the following description cannot be directly separated from the subject, so D is invented out of nothing, so it is excluded. The new rules introduced by Amazon have had a huge impact on the way writers earn money. It goes on to detail the impact of the number of pages read and the length of time a writer spends reading on his or her royalties. "If no one reads an e-book, the writer's income will be severely affected," so it can be assumed that, in order to increase income, writers may shift their creative direction to cater to readers' tastes. D) He is a good student. D) he is a good student. Additional points will be awarded to candidates who apply for positions in the Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team of Your chi District (post code 2001008) and hold the "Anhui Province Housing Urban-rural Construction (Urban Management) System Administrative law enforcement Personnel Training Registration Certificate" and "Anhui Province Administrative Law Enforcement Certificate". , to meet the conditions after verification points personnel in guichi district government net 5 days of the public to the society, there is no objection on the public, according to the prescribed procedures based on the written test results for holding the housing urban and rural construction in anhui province (city) system of administrative law enforcement personnel professional legal knowledge training registration certificate for the examinee of one-time increase 1 minute, to hold the examinee of anhui administration execute the law card "one-time increase 2 points. Candidates who apply for extra points should provide the original and copy of the extra points materials.

       3. Supplementary materials can be submitted before 17:00, August 18 (Tuesday), if the materials submitted within the specified time are examined as missing parts, or if the admission office has agreed to postpone the submission of materials in advance. After the completion of the examination of the recruitment organs, unified report to the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee civil servant two section. 4. Qualification examination runs through the whole process of examination and record. In case of any inconsistency between the on-site qualification examination and the online preliminary examination results, the on-site qualification examination results shall prevail. In the follow-up work, if it is found that the person who has passed the examination does not meet the requirements for entering the examination or practices fraud and other problems, once verified, the qualification will be immediately disqualified and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions. Special reminder: please timely login "Lighthouse - Zibo Party construction" website "civil servant recruitment special topic" to pay attention to the relevant information, and keep the communication contact unimpeded, if there is a change in the way of communication, please contact with the recruitment agency in time, so as to avoid poor communication affect the qualification examination and interview and other matters. The candidate shall be responsible for the consequences caused by the failure to communicate with the recruitment agency due to the replacement of the mobile phone. (5) Publicity and trial. The standing Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection carries out a comprehensive study and judgment on the objects of investigation according to the post needs, personal strengths and investigation conditions, and studies and determines the candidates to be selected for the transfer, which will be published on the Network of Discipline inspection and Supervision in Suzhou and the network of Personnel examination in Suzhou for 5 working days. After the expiration of the publicity period, the probationary period will be 3 months for those who have no problems or report problems that do not affect the personnel to be transferred. After the probation period, according to its actual performance, to determine whether to transfer. A) The canteen of the company, as an accessory place specially designed for employees to arrange and provide food and drinks during work, is within the scope of effective management of the company and is A reasonable extension of the workplace. In addition, although dining in the canteen of the company does not belong to the direct performance of work responsibilities, but the dining behavior is the premise of continuing to carry out the normal work, so it can be identified as engaged in preparatory work related to the work. So a in the company canteen dining accidentally fall, should be identified as a work-related injury. 


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